Crypto Wrap: RBI MPC Likely Not to Impact Global Crypto Prices, Experts Say – Business Standard | Omd Cialis

The cryptocurrency market has been trading flat for the past week, despite the major cryptocurrencies trading in the red. The market cap stayed above $1 trillion. However, major digital tokens like Bitcoin and Ethereum fell over 3.5 percent. As of 4 p.m. Friday, Bitcoin had the highest market cap, trading at … Read more

Stock Market Today: Dow Futures Rise, Oil Prices Fall, Treasury Yields Rise – Barron’s | Omd Cialis

text size Alongside tensions in Taiwan and Federal Reserve expectations, Wall Street remains focused on corporate earnings this week. Angela Weiss/AFP via Getty Images Stocks were expected to rise on Wednesday as Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan ended without major repercussions. Treasury yields also rose as investors continued to watch the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy … Read more

The Fed promised to curb inflation with higher interest rates. Then the stock market recovered. Here’s why. (This is not good news.) – MarketWatch | Omd Cialis

“We are now at levels that are broadly consistent with our estimates of neutral interest rates, and having frontloaded our rate hike cycle so far, we will be much more data dependent going forward.” The Federal Reserve hiked interest rates another 75 basis points on Wednesday, despite acknowledging that economic growth is slowing significantly. The … Read more

High-Profile NFT Auctions From Beeple, Madonna Flops Amid Crypto Crash – MarketWatch | Omd Cialis

The once-sizzling market for NFTs has become a spectacular bust as high-profile auctions increasingly fail and investors who splurged millions on bizarre digital artworks now struggle to sell them at a tiny fraction of their price. Last spring, little-known crypto artist Beeple sold an NFT for a staggering $69 million. This month, he revealed he … Read more