Bitcoin prices are trading at an “extreme discount,” says Bloomberg analyst – Forbes | Omd Cialis

According to several analysts, Bitcoin is significantly undervalued. Getty Bitcoin is currently trading at a significant discount, according to Mike McGlone, senior commodities strategist at Bloomberg Intelligence. He made the assessment as the digital currency, which is the most valuable in terms of market value, has been stuck below $25,000 since June, TradingView data shows. … Read more

The Merger: Will Ethereum Dethrone Bitcoin To Become The Reigning Cryptocoin? – Outlook India | Omd Cialis

Excitement surrounding the release of the latest Ethereum (ETH) blockchain software update, Ethereum Merge, seems to be dying down. While Ethereum prices surged about 50 percent in late July when developers revealed September 19, 2022 was the tentative release date for Ethereum Merge, prices have been subdued for the past few days. On August 3, … Read more

Shiba Inu turns two today: SHIB Burn, Metaverse and other highlights of his journey – Outlook India | Omd Cialis

Shiba Inu (SHIB) was launched exactly two years ago today. Dubbed the “dogecoin killer” at the time, it soon established itself as an ecosystem coin rather than a meme coin. Shiba Inu’s price was intentionally kept at $0 so early backers and developers could start earning and progressing the project from the start. On launch … Read more

Cryptojacking cases are on the rise around the world, why is this and should you be concerned? – Outlook India | Omd Cialis

According to cyber security company Kaspersky, cryptojacking is an act of mining cryptocurrency by hacking into another person’s computer, smartphone and other electronic devices. This usually happens by gaining unauthorized access to the host’s computer and using its resources to mine cryptocurrency without the host noticing or before it’s too late. Since the proof-of-work consensus … Read more

Is cryptocurrency useful for Sri Lanka amid raging economic crisis? – Outlook India | Omd Cialis

Amid ongoing political unrest in the South Asian country, Sri Lanka has warned its residents against adopting Bitcoin, claiming it is “largely uncontrolled.” The country’s central bank, CBSL, reminded the public last week that it has not granted any company a license or other authority to operate in the country and does not consider cryptocurrencies … Read more

From “clear danger” to outright ban, explained RBI’s stance on cryptocurrency | Mint – mint | Omd Cialis

The Reserve Bank of India’s stance on cryptocurrency has been a sticking point for Indian investors. Over the years, the central bank and regulator have issued warnings to virtual traders, holders of the digital currency. The Indian government, which also supports the idea of ​​banning private digital currencies, is aiming for a digital currency backed … Read more

For Bitcoin to Bottom, Here’s What the Market Wants to See — and It Could Mean Another 30% Drop — CNBC | Omd Cialis

Cryptocurrencies have taken a tumble in 2022. Chesnot | Getty Images Improving macroeconomic factors, a specific trading pattern, and further cleanup of companies and projects could be the key ingredients needed for Bitcoin and the broader crypto market to bottom, industry stakeholders told CNBC. Bitcoin is down more than 70% from its record high in … Read more