How One Investor Applied Lessons From the Meme Stock Rush to Blockchain and NFTs – MarketWatch | Omd Cialis

Almost two years ago, in the first winter of the COVID pandemic, Roman Tirone was introduced to the world of meme stocks. “I think I had a couple of friends who reached out to me and I took a look,” the New York City-based investor told MarketWatch. “There was a strong community that was pretty … Read more

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The Merger: Will Ethereum Dethrone Bitcoin To Become The Reigning Cryptocoin? – Outlook India | Omd Cialis

Excitement surrounding the release of the latest Ethereum (ETH) blockchain software update, Ethereum Merge, seems to be dying down. While Ethereum prices surged about 50 percent in late July when developers revealed September 19, 2022 was the tentative release date for Ethereum Merge, prices have been subdued for the past few days. On August 3, … Read more