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The LiveArt web 3.0 platform brings world-leading art and culture to the BNB chain – The Daily Hodl | Omd Cialis

September 15, 2022 – New York, United States

LiveArt, the web 3.0 platform transforming the art market, brings its industry-leading tools for creators, collectors, communities and brands to the BNB Smart Chain.

Announced today by LiveArt co-founder and CEO Boris Pevzner at Binance Blockchain Week in Paris, the major new initiative extends a range of LiveArts Web 3.0 products and capabilities to the BNB Smart Chain.

Through its white-labeled launchpad, LiveArt empowers developers and partners to build on top of the BNB Smart Chain and enable the creation of fully customized and branded Web 3.0 applications designed for both traditional collectors and crypto-natives.

The platform is also introducing the Binance Account Bound (BAB) token utility to its ecosystem and community of over 400,000 collectors. BAB token holders have access to an exclusive membership that includes special whitelist access and other benefits on the LiveArt platform.

LiveArt also plans to launch select NFT collections by globally recognized artists on BNB Smart Chain, starting with a new generative NFT collection by Huang Yuxing, the acclaimed artist who is breaking global auction records.

The new initiative follows LiveArt’s collaboration with BNB Chain this summer on LiveArt Global 100, an open call for artists that attracted over 500 applicants from more than 50 countries, with the best submissions currently available for purchase on the Binance NFT Marketplace .

Boris Pevzner, co-founder and CEO of LiveArt said:

“LiveArt has everything a creator or brand is looking for when entering the Web 3.0 space a network of globally recognized artists and creators, world-class expertise in both Web 3.0 and arts and culture, and a full spectrum of tools and solutions to get your projects off the ground.

“We’re excited to enable our partners to launch on BNB Chain and extend LiveArt’s own LiveArt ecosystem with the capabilities of the BAB token.”

LiveArt’s white label launchpad for brands and developers on the BNB chain

LiveArt’s white-labeled launchpad enables the creation of fully customized and branded Web 3.0 marketplaces and has been used by respected arts and culture partners. LiveArt supports you from brainstorming including access to its network of content and artists on infrastructure, implementation and maintenance.

With features like the ability to set up multiple licensees, accept both fiat and crypto transactions, and integrate with existing APIs and SDKs, LiveArt is an all-in-one solution for developers and brands looking to use a platform in the Web 3.0 space is designed for both traditional collectors and crypto natives. LiveArt will offer an integration with BNB Chain starting this month.

Exclusive benefits for BAB token holders

LiveArt membership is exclusively available to BAB token holders and connects the BNB community to LiveArt’s global arts and culture network and world-class content.

Holders receive benefits such as the following:

  • Whitelisting for exclusive releases and airdrops
  • Limited edition physical art and collectibles
  • Invitations to elite and IRL virtual events
  • Voting rights when deciding on topics for the LiveArt Global 100
  • Access to LiveArt’s proprietary, AI-generated market analysis for NFTs and physical art, drawing on a rapidly growing database of more than 10 million auction records

BAB token holders will also serve as a key component of the Know Your Customer (KYC) verification flow on LiveArt, giving token holders a “verified” status and badge across the LiveArt ecosystem of products. These include LiveArt’s peer-to-peer trading capabilities, AI-generated analytics, and collection tracking for physical art.

Art and culture projects with world leading artists on BNB Smart Chain

Coming to BNB Smart Chain this fall – Chapter two of Huang Yuxing’s “Meta-morphic”.

Following the launch of NFT collections by major artists on the LiveArt NFT platform, including Paul Kneale, LiveArt is collaborating with renowned contemporary artist Huang Yuxing (b. 1975, Beijing) on ​​”Meta-morphic”, the artist’s first digital artworks .

Huang Yuxing is widely known for paintings that reflect and preserve the process of their creation. The extraordinary synthesis of styles in his work has broad appeal, with images reminiscent of traditional landscape painting rendered in an ultra-contemporary neon palette that verges on abstraction.

Huang’s work has already surpassed $8 million at auction, most recently with the sale of his epic riverscape Seven Treasure Pines (2016-19), which fetched $8.3 million more than 13 times its high estimate, a record sum for a Chinese artist born after 1970.

Huang Yuxing’s collection of LiveArt is a multi-chapter drop, including generative art and staking.

About LiveArt

Founded by a team of art market insiders and technical innovators, LiveArt is a leading global art platform that combines innovative technology with in-depth knowledge of the art market to put collectors and artists in control. LiveArt gives collectors unmatched access to proprietary pricing data and market insights so they can buy and sell artworks with confidence, discreetly, and efficiently.

The AI-powered data platform is the pre-eminent destination for art market data and analysis, live auction streaming, real-time and historical price information, in-depth analysis of artist and market trends, and financial and cultural context. LiveArt’s peer-to-peer digital marketplace offers the utmost discretion by allowing users to control how much information about their identity and artworks is disclosed.

LiveArt NFT is LiveArt’s end-to-end Web 3.0 solution for minting and selling NFTs, providing artists and collaborators with comprehensive rights management and unbreakable resale royalties. Artists can shape their work on the Creator Hub, and collectors can access a curated selection of only the best artworks on the LiveArt NFT Marketplace.

The White Label Suite allows galleries and museums to launch and manage their own NFT marketplaces or collaborate with the LiveArt NFT studio and its partners to curate and market drops.

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Updated: September 17, 2022 — 1:32 am

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