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By N.Lohungbeni Humtsoe

New Delhi, Aug 3 (IANSlife): The Foodverse is a massive technological revolution that will transform the current digital user interaction of the global food and beverage industry into a more immersive format by creating the world’s largest Food Metaverse, offering users unique virtual experiences and leveraging Web3 technology to transform the food industry to improve.

Chef Vicky Ratnani, known for his world travel itineraries and culinary training, recently collaborated with OneRare – the world’s first Food Metaverse platform – to develop his creative ideas for the launch of the cutting-edge hyper-real restaurant and its cuisine. OneRare will also symbolize some of Chef Vicky’s most popular recipes, including some from his latest creation – Speak Burgers – as unique food NFTs for his fans and global foodies of the Foodverse to own and enjoy.

Chef Vicky and Supreet Raju, co-founders of OneRare, talk about how the massive food industry expects some exciting developments with Foodverse over the next decade and join IANSlife to discuss more about this new concept.

How does the Foodverse work?

Supreet: OneRare creates the world’s first Foodverse (Food+Metaverse) celebrating food from around the world by bringing the global F&B industry to the blockchain for the first time. Our Foodverse is a virtual platform with different zones for gourmets. This includes celebrity chef areas, virtual restaurants, food events, launches, cooking classes and more.

Our first launch is our Gaming Zone with four gaming areas. We’ll start on the farm where users can stake OneRare and earn Ingredient NFT Rewards. You can use these ingredients to prepare your dishes or sell them to earn OneRare in our Farmers Market. To prepare a dish you have to go to our kitchen and follow a recipe. Let’s say you want to make french fries – for this recipe you will need NFTs made from cooking oil, potatoes and salt. Once you have all 3 ingredients, you can “cook” the French Fries recipe and the game mechanic will grant you the French Fries NFT. You can use this Dish NFT to fight in different games in our playground like Foodtruck Wars where you have to earn the best for your food truck.

As you progress, you can also use your Dish NFTs in real restaurants and exchange them for meals and offers.

What led to the partnership? What excites you most about this collaboration?

Chef Vicky: As I interacted with the OneRare team and understood their vision for the Foodverse, I immediately felt a connection. Food has so many layers and so many expressions, and empowering the reach of this industry through technology can help us reach a global audience. I believe in using new technologies and blockchain seems to be an exciting new medium for me to bring my food stories to the world.

What is it about OneRare that allows you to turn your vision into virtual reality?

Chef Vicky: With the pandemic, we’ve seen a digital opening like never before. People have seen everything on Zoom – from work to weddings. My vision is to use the OneRare platform to interact with foodies worldwide and I love how OneRare is opening up a whole new audience to experience my food and recipes.

Is virtual dining possible?

Supreet: Food is sensory in every way, and at OneRare we want to enhance a foodie’s digital experience, not replace the real-world experience. Our Foodverse will allow users to discover new foods, chefs and brands and engage in activities that can reward them with NFTs. Users can then take these NFTs to real restaurants and exchange them for meals. So the Foodverse is more about rewarding your virtual journey with real goodies.

How does this benefit both the brand and its customers?

Supreet: OneRare gives food companies the opportunity to go global. Currently, even the most popular chefs, restaurants, and food brands can only make money locally. Through our Foodverse, brands can reach global audiences and create new revenue models through memberships, online experiences and more. The Web3 shift will overtake the food industry and use this technology to attract more customers and loyalists. On the other hand, users get access to global foods and new brands and are rewarded with real food experiences for their time online. Thanks to blockchain, it is a win-win situation for both parties.

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