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Cryptomus wants everyone to know that accepting cryptocurrency payments is actually easier than ever now, as all that is required for a successful transaction is no more than a mere email address or phone number. It is even possible to generate payment links without requiring users to have their own websites, and they can also connect to the API for more functionality. By offering such reliable and fast payment processing, Cryptomus offers a top-notch payment gateway for e-commerce and online payments.

How is Cryptomus helping to make crypto payments easier?

There are several aspects that make Cryptomus a top choice for crypto payments. First off, their commissions and fees are comparatively much lower than the various other online payment processing companies that accept payments and they also start at 0.4% depending on sales. Additionally, the crypto payment processor services can be seamlessly integrated into any type of business or project.

Additionally, volatility and unpredictable market behavior is one of the most notorious elements associated with crypto. However, with Cryptomus, you no longer need to worry about crypto volatility as the rate is set after users accept it and convert to the coin of their choice. Apart from this aspect of automatic conversion, Cryptomus also supports a wide range of different cryptocurrencies such as LTC, TRX, DASH, ETH, BTC and more.

What about security?

Blockchains are generally considered to be more secure, stable and transparent than those used by traditional financial institutions such as banks. With Cryptomus, users can even enable the ability to only withdraw to certain “authorized” addresses in their personal accounts, meaning all withdrawals to other wallets would be prohibited.

Cryptomus has also enabled 2FA (two-factor authentication), which many believe is an important feature nowadays due to the increasing number of fraudulent activities, data hacks, and security risks. This 2FA system is completely flexible, and Cryptomus does not require KYC procedures either, as it is a technical platform for developers that provides a convenient and user-friendly interface for the purpose of automating work with crypto.

What else is there to know about Cryptomus?

Cryptomus is a crypto payment system and blockchain payment processor/gateway that offers merchant services for businesses serving all types of customers. Usually, crypto payment gateways are unnecessarily complex and have too many limitations that often suffocate customers. Cryptomus allows crypto payments to be accepted by anyone anywhere in the world with low transaction fees and no website. Cryptomus is also useful when individuals just want to have their own secure crypto wallet for storing funds.

The platform offers an intuitive user interface optimized for all end devices as well as fast and reliable support that is available at all times. Moreover, the funds are paid out instantly and users can easily track the transaction if needed. More importantly, the platform’s features allow for complete anonymity and all incoming funds belong only to the user and are never frozen or refunded without reason, as is often the case with classic e-wallets and banks.

Why should you choose Cryptomus?

Ultimately, choosing Cryptomus makes sense as it is an innovative crypto payment platform that also doubles as a cryptocurrency wallet. The platform offers a lot of value and utility, and the biggest benefit would certainly be the ability to easily make extremely fast payments. Users can accept crypto by generating payment links and then redirecting the payer to them, which will display a handy form with the required payment details. Users can also take advantage of API integration, which Cryptomus will help with.

The platform has witnessed over 100,000 transactions to date, and many more are expected soon. In terms of future goals, Cryptomus will implement useful widgets for the website, helpful statistics, automatic withdrawal and automatic splitting features, Telegram notifications, a P2P exchange, fiat currency input and output, and much more to become the best cryptocurrency payment -Gateways. Ultimately, Cryptomus aims to make crypto payments easier and more accessible, which is much needed these days as the crypto industry is becoming more popular and mainstream and more and more businesses are accepting crypto.

For more information and regular updates, visit the official website along with the Twitter and telegram channels.

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