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The main reason I once decided to get involved with cryptocurrencies is my belief that blockchain technologies will change the world and rewrite the history of human civilization.

No matter how skeptical some are today, sooner or later it will happen. In fact, it’s already happening. This process has taken irreversible forms. The world will never be the same again. Global digitization, growing popularity of various payment methods, development of metauniverses, exchange, purchase, sale of NFT tokens – technologies have become an integral part of our lives. And in the future, their role, weight and importance will only increase.

Cryptocurrencies should be accessible to everyone.

The global mission of the company WhiteBIT is the worldwide mass distribution of blockchain technologies. We want as many people as possible not only to have access to cryptocurrencies, but also to actively use them. This requires appropriate framework conditions and opportunities. The key here is the simplicity, convenience, wide functionality and security of the services that the user receives.

Today, WhiteBIT isn’t just a cryptocurrency exchange – it’s an entire ecosystem that includes:

  • decentralized exchange WhiteSwap is an automated market maker (AMM) of a decentralized bank (DEX) operating on the Ethereum blockchain;
  • Whitepay crypto payment processing system;
  • Bitcoin Global P2P cryptocurrency exchange platform – a place where users can exchange cryptocurrencies without verification and fees for replenishment and withdrawal;
  • “Gagarin Show” – the world’s first entertainment and educational show on YouTube about cryptocurrencies;
  • Gagarin News is an online crypto news source for readers from around the world.

We always want to develop and improve. It’s like training for an athlete – constant “upgrading of skills” brings new quality, new achievements and new opportunities. WhiteBIT is a permanent search for new possibilities and new quality. That’s our philosophy.

The user path to cryptocurrency: how to shorten it?

That’s why we recently started a collaboration with Checkout, the cloud payment platform. In practice, this means an opportunity for our users to fund their crypto wallets directly with EUR currency. This option is offered by less than 19% of cryptocurrency exchanges and I’m glad WhiteBIT is one of them.

The collaboration of WhiteBIT and Checkout can be called the next stage of cryptocurrency integration in Europe, creating opportunities for the development of blockchain technologies on the continent.

Why? Everything is very simple. The EUR is the official currency of 19 Eurozone countries and also the national currency of 4 other states and 8 EU special territories. In addition, the EUR is used in Montenegro and Kosovo. This means that the euro is the only currency for more than 340 million Europeans. Support for exchange direct entry of euros on the cryptowallet is an additional convenience for those users for whom EUR is the main currency of their bank cards. In other words, the expansion of different trading pairs allows Europeans to buy or sell virtual assets in their usual local currency without the need for additional conversion from EUR, such as USDT.

Such an option will definitely contribute to the spread of cryptocurrency in Europe and the growth of the cryptocurrency community. For example, there is a person who would like to try trading crypto but could not dare. The lack of understanding of the procedures, the need for additional conversion steps were “distracting” factors. Now they’re gone. Everything as easy and convenient as possible. Such a person will have a greater desire to delve into the world of blockchain technology. I’m sure the person will like it 🙂

User accessibility to cryptocurrency directly depends on the “flexibility” of exchanges. The more currencies the exchange supports (both fiat and cryptocurrency), the fewer barriers there are for customers. It is easier and easier for them to fulfill their needs and desires. If a person is used to using EUR, for example, then he immediately wants to buy cryptocurrency for it, like any product in a store. The situation is similar with other fiat currencies. The variety of trading pairs on a given exchange shortens the user’s path to bitcoin or any other asset. Today, WhiteBIT makes this path minimal.

Improving Europeans’ access to cryptocurrency by creating direct trading pairs with EUR may have a positive impact on solving a key problem of the crypto industry in Europe. Lack of a single regulator. Different EU countries have different rules, requirements and conditions of the cryptocurrency market. And that is exactly what slows down not only the development of the industry itself, but also that of the European Union as a whole.

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Volodymyr Nosov

Volodymyr Nosov is the founder and CEO of the largest cryptocurrency exchange in Europe, WhiteBIT

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