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Is it just us, or does it sound like every college graduate these days enters the workforce with a tech degree? They’re young, they’re hungry, they’re ambitious — and they’re also nonstop bragging about the many perks of a career in tech, like the flexible hours, high salaries, and the comfort of knowing that, unlike in some industries, it’s possible , there won’t be a shortage of tech jobs anytime soon (or maybe never).

If all of this sounds tempting to you (understandably), but you’re unsure about making the career change because you’re not a young, energetic recent graduate, we’d like to introduce you to Smartcademy, whose range of online tech courses has been developed to support tech beginners as smoothly as possible. From our experience, there are a few major common concerns that all mid-career professionals share when discussing a move to technology – that’s why these concerns are nothing but myths:

I need some Kind of familiarity with the field (let’s say, a university degree), otherwise I’m totally lost

We know some courses to say You don’t need any previous knowledge, but then you start your first course and it quickly becomes clear that “no previous knowledge” really means “at least three years in practice”. Not so with Smartcademy, whose courses are really beginner-friendly. Topics like “UX Design”, “Intro to Blockchain” and “Data Analytics” may sound daunting, but Smartcademy designed them in such a way that even students who may not know what a blockchain actually is can still participate.

I have many grueling hours to work in addition to my current full-time job

Time is money, and for those of us who already work full-time, volunteering to sign up for an off-hours class sounds like a planning nightmare. Rushing from your nine-to-five to another part of town where you have to stare at a screen for several more hours? Well we have two pieces of good news. Firstly, most Smartcademy courses take place at the weekend. Secondly, they are all 100% online. That means you don’t have to commute during the workweek, and you don’t have to sacrifice sleep or downtime with your family.

Even if I learn the skills, I don’t have any networking leads

All Smartcademy trainers are experienced industry experts who can provide practical insights. You will not be taught only the technical skills, but also have the opportunity to ask coaches about career-related questions, insights into the current market and all the other good stuff. Due to the interactive nature of the lessons, you can also converse and network with other fellow students and have the opportunity to collaborate on assignments or projects. Networking isn’t just about connecting with established professionals — after all, who says the person you teamed up with on a coding assignment won’t be CTO at Meta a few years down the road?

After the end of the course I’m on my own

Smartcademy’s Capstone Project means candidates have an actual project to work on and refer to when looking for a job. Additionally, earning a professional certificate from Smartcademy will help you stand out. Shirley, a former Smartcademy student who successfully transitioned from consulting in the social sector to a project manager role at an IT company, said: “[Smartcademy’s Data Analytics course] equipped me with the additional tools and benefits of data analysis for project implementation roles…. [and] has helped me in my new role to develop a relationship with developers through techniques such as problem decomposition, pattern recognition and algorithms to analyze a problem and develop solutions.”

I’m taking a massive pay cut

We already mentioned that time is money, but do you know what else money is? Money. And we get it — starting a new career from scratch is mentally and emotionally scary, but there’s also the financial aspect to worry about, especially when you have a family to look after. But the magic of tech roles is that there are actually a lot of introductory roles fit (if not surpass) senior positions in other industries. Both local and international companies are increasing demand for Singapore-based tech professionals, and to attract the best talent, they’re also increasing – you guessed it – perks and salaries. In fact, salaries in Singapore’s tech industry have actually surpassed their European counterparts.

Sounds good? Excited to jumpstart the next phase of your career? Find out more about Smartcademy’s tech courses here.

There is also up to 90% IBF course funding support for eligible Singaporeans or PRs (T&Cs apply). Skillsfuture Credit can also be used to pay the balance fee.

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