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The game-fi industry has transformed over the years, with most of the revolutionary changes taking place in just a few short months. New features have been introduced to the space, making it one of the most sought-after domains in the crypto space. The excitement of gaming coupled with the rewarding logs has the gaming community hooked! And things get even more exciting with the arrival of Gold Rush Finance, an exciting BNB mining game built on top of the Binance Smart Chain.

Gold Rush Finance is a Wild West inspired NFT Game-Fi project that allows users to mine BNB and earn the platform’s native $GRUSH tokens. There are also passive rewards up for grabs. These have grown in popularity in recent years and have become a stable source of income for both players and miners. Passive rewards can generally be earned simply by acquiring the required assets, even if you are not actively involved.

To mine the BNB tokens, you need to gather an optimal crew and send them on expeditions into the wilderness. There are three crew classes in the form of the NFTs that you can purchase to mine BNB tokens and earn $GRUSH rewards. Miners, as the name suggests, are the ones who do the actual work. They are responsible for mining gold. Next there are the Gunmen, who play the role of defenders. These protect the farmers and the gold mined during treasure hunts. The last class are Farmers who work on the $GRUSH farms. The more Farmer NFTs you work, the higher the $GRUSH tokens you acquire! It forms the passive income part of the ecosystem.

Gold Rush Finance ensures long-term sustainability and viability with three key aspects

After analyzing NFT-based game projects released over the past few years, Gold Rush Finance identified the issues that plagued them and, in some cases, led to their demise. The Game-Fi platform then developed three core pillars to ensure a broader user base, steady returns and greater rewards.

BNB rewards Oracle

Gold Rush Finance distributes rewards in the form of its native $GRUSH tokens, although you earn them in $BNB. It provides stability and reduced volatility. With several P2E (Play to Earn) games, users may have noticed that the rewards are inconsistent and depend on market dynamics. For example, a player earns $100 in rewards but may only receive $50 due to a sudden market crash. This particular factor has kept the regular gaming community reluctant to engage in De-Fi gaming for a long time.

Deploying the auto-swap feature to convert BNB rewards into $GRUSH tokens when the user claims it ensures increased stability. Regardless of how many BNB tokens you earn playing Gold Rush Finance, the exact value will be returned in $GRUSH.

Deflationary Mechanisms of NFTs

We’ve heard a lot about cryptocurrencies being burned, but Gold Rush Finance introduced the deflationary mechanic into NFTs. If you send worker NFTs on a mission to mine BNB, chances here are that one of them will die, or in blockchain terms, the particular NFT will be burned. However, you can reduce the chance by increasing the crew’s gunpowder.

This regular firing of NFTs keeps the embossing process active. It also encourages players to use the $GRUSH tokens in-game and boosts the project’s economy, which translates directly into higher rewards for the community.

Improved accessibility and simple gameplay

Gold Rush Finance is kept simple to allow for maximum engagement. Even those unfamiliar with the Game-Fi space won’t have much trouble understanding the intricacies of the game.

Besides, even users who don’t have much time left have a chance to earn decent rewards in active and passive ways.

Gold Rush Finance has linked the different components of the game so well that all parts support each other and the economy works in a circular manner. Optimal distribution of collected taxes across Mining Reward Pools, Liquidity Pools and GRUSH Farm Reward Pools ensures greater profits for players.

Also, unlike most Game-Fi projects, Gold Rush Finance has not reserved team tokens in order to keep the native token price chart stable and offer players higher returns.

Gold Rush Finance was a hit in the gaming community in a short amount of time. With exciting gameplay, exciting rewards, and a closed-loop economy, the project is poised to conquer the game-fi space in the coming days. So if you haven’t already, try Gold Rush Finance today!

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