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Yash Gupta, Director, ANG LLP

Yash Gupta, Director of Aspire Now Global LLP brings ease and clarity to navigating the financial markets and is successfully building a community platform to learn about investing and stock market trading
When Yash Gupta, Director of Aspire Now Global LLP (ANG LLP) first started speculating in the financial markets many years ago, he had a hard time figuring out his trading niche as most courses or webinars featured different trading styles offered. Having successfully crossed this crossroads, he made sure that the same situation does not occur for any other youth in India. He wanted a hands-on approach to financial learning to enable others to have a good understanding of stock market trading. “I started my business where I teach and cover all the important aspects of the financial market in the simplest possible way. Young people can learn how to speculate and make money in the financial markets,” adds Yash confidently.
Professional background: From the beginning, Yash Gupta’s goal was to experience working in finance from different perspectives. “So I started my journey teaching stock market trading and have trained over 1000 students in the span of two years. Now my goal is to build one of the largest cryptocurrency communities across the country.” Yash affirmed. Everyone is welcome to register for Yash Gupta’s courses by filling out the registration form available on our Instagram or the company website.
Train properly: ANG LLP has a core team of professionals focused on disseminating theoretical knowledge through hands-on training with its practical applications. In order to provide students with appropriate knowledge, the company offers online and offline courses, live sessions and watch list sessions.
Success Stories: We all want to be successful, whether we’re young, young or old; At every stage of our lives, we have an innate drive to be successful and to constantly evolve toward greater accomplishments. Student Tushar Dudi started his journey during the Covid-19 period and left his NEET preparation and entered the financial markets which he started from a basic level overall and also suffered some losses. Tushar made the move to ANG – Aspire Now Global as an intern and started trading with Yash Gupta, earning him profits. Now he is the team leader of The Drunk Traders (NFTS, METAVERSE and WEB 3). Tushar is currently preparing for the CMT course which requires a lot of determination and time. Therefore, success is the result of intense determination and focus in advancing along the path of work.
Organization growth to date: Organizational growth is what all businesses strive for, regardless of size. As a result, Yash Gupta says, “My company has the potential to offer a variety of benefits, including greater ability to withstand higher performance and greater efficiency through economies of scale. Not only that, we started teaching 2 students and are now trading with more than 300 students at a time.” A successful path is guaranteed.
Your Opinion on Trading/ Market Scenario/ Cryptocurrency: The post-pandemic recovery of India’s economy was evident. India’s GDP forecast was among the highest in the world. What comes next is now the million dollar question. Putting the facts in perspective – The war between Russia and Ukraine pushed up crude oil prices (and exacerbated already high inflation). The forthcoming rate hikes by the US Federal Reserve and Reserve Bank of India appear to have accelerated the decline. The FIIs have, as expected, pulled out of India in favor of safe havens in the west. The margin widened even further as the dollar expected to strengthen and put pressure on the rupee.
With great returns comes great volatility and high risk. This is true in the case of cryptocurrencies as it lacks a fundamental foundation. Today, the decentralized infrastructure of cryptocurrencies continues to pose significant obstacles to real-world use cases.
Investing in cryptocurrency is still relatively new, highly concentrated and risky. We anticipate that future adoption rates in this space are likely to be impacted by integration with current systems across the financial services industry and other industries, rather than rapid adoption.
Progressive path: Yash Gupta says: “I never started this company for profit. I just didn’t want others to face the problems I had as a beginner. I wanted to let others know about my trip. The plan is to create the number one community for stock markets and bring some stability to the cryptocurrency world (whenever legally allowed to launch). There is a lack of in-depth, relevant and verified knowledge in the financial world and a community platform is what we need right now. Yash Gupta believes in learning, growing and earning together.

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