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She is known to some as the “Wolf of the Stock Exchange”; Known to some as the “Queen of Options Trading”, others look up to her as the inventor and market thought leader. Asmita Patel, who pioneered the way to trade options, challenges the conventional ways of trading and backs her arguments with logic. She has become a role model for thousands of traders worldwide. Her name made headlines earlier this year when her “Best Day Trading Tip” video went viral on YouTube.

Here she lists five reasons why you should stop day trading immediately.

Traders using high frequency and quantum algorithms are hurting retail day traders
Today’s retail day trader faces stiff competition in the form of supercomputers and algorithms programmed by mathematical “wizards” – which obviously makes it more unpredictable, less predictable and much more difficult for the average retail day trader to make money earn. Leverage in day trading is a pitfall One of the many reasons beginners are drawn to day trading is the high margin of leverage that is offered to them. But with high leverage comes high brokerage fees, high taxes, and on top of that your emotions are amplified when trading with such high leverage, resulting in big losses.

Day trading = wasted day
Day traders claim they can make a profit in just five or ten minutes, but that’s only half the story. The disturbing reality is that they can keep their eyes glued to a screen all day only to end up with peanut-sized wins.

Greater clutter in the charts leads to a tired brain
Day traders refer to the lower timeframe data, which is highly volatile and generates more noise. The human brain has a hard time absorbing so much information, making it difficult to process everything in a limited amount of time.

An ultra stressful experience
What looks like an exciting, adrenaline pumping life is actually a painful and unhealthy way to live. Why would traders choose to remain chained to a screen all day when they can trade in 15 minutes and peacefully build fortunes?

Which works instead
Patel believes the stock market is a treasure trove of opportunity, but only with the right systems and strategies can people capitalize on it. She teaches her students to master five key principles – learn price action trading; fail to predict the market; say no to indicators, patterns and charts; Spend just 15 minutes a day and adopt a healthy trading mentality – to start earning massive profits and a steady monthly income.

“An analysis of 47 years of IMF data across 190 countries shows that over the next five years India will have its best ever economic performance on a global scale. This is the moment for people to join and benefit from this tremendous growth. I want my fellow Indian citizens to be financially free — free from a paycheck-to-paycheck life and free from the constant struggle to get their basic needs met,” she shared. A full-time trader with over 17 years of experience, Patel has developed a proprietary, 100 percent objective system that helps traders trade successfully in just 15 minutes a day without using indicators, patterns, charts or Greeks.

Their system, known as Price Action Trading, has helped thousands of college students become full-time traders. Since its inception, the Asmita Patel Global School of Trading has aimed to advance Indian trade. Their motive is simple – to teach people how to trade, increase their wealth and achieve prosperity. Her strategies are explained in a student-friendly, rules-based format and are simple enough for even a seventh grader to understand. Through her work, Patel has broken barriers and found fame in a traditionally male-dominated industry. She is greatly admired for her strong ethics, crystal clear thought process and unwavering passion for the stock market.

Three-day intensive workshop
This month, Patel is hosting Asia’s largest stock market event – “Let’s Make India Trade” – to help traders get started on the path to profitable trading.

The three-day, fully virtual, live event Let’s Make India Trade will radically change the way you view the stock market. The event is geared towards that

You act confidently and increase your wealth. Let’s Make India Trade is Patel’s signature mentoring program that will transform not only your trading skills but also the way you think and relate to money. Past speakers at this event have included eminent figures such as Kapil Dev, Vishen Lakhiani, Sonu Sharma, Pratik Gandhi and UjjwalPatni.

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