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ZURICH, August 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The downturn in the crypto market has caused significant disruption among some major players to reduce their workforce by around 20%. The crypto dip has hit everyone hard, and even the most well-known platforms are struggling to adapt. In contrast, Astra Protocol continues to grow despite the challenging landscape.

There has never been a more critical call for improved regulations in the crypto space. Multiple crypto platforms have filed for bankruptcy in recent weeks. This event was touted as the crypto equivalent of the Lehman Brothers fall that ultimately led to the 2008 mortgage debt and financial crisis. Wall Street has had to adapt to get through these tough times, and the digital asset market needs to do the same. The Astra protocol was designed to facilitate these necessary changes through improved blockchain and crypto regulations. Astra is needed now more than ever to prevent dubious market behavior, which is why the Astra team is constantly being expanded.

As part of Astra’s growth, they are also pleased to announce two more incredible partnerships with lime and Compact software. Limechain is a cutting-edge blockchain development consultancy that helps companies build on Web3 and blockchain technology. With over 150 projects, Limechain is one of the most experienced players in the field. Their experts have worked with notable Web3 platforms like Hedera Hashgraph, Polkadot, and AllianceBlock, and the team at Astra is thrilled to have them on board. Concise Software is another leading blockchain development software company and has worked on some of the most influential digital projects with global companies like Visa and Santander. Like Limechain, they specialize in all facets of the blockchain, from smart contracts to dApps. Their expertise will help to further strengthen Astra’s strong tech team as the Astra protocol is vital to the revitalization of the crypto market.

About the partnership with Astra, CEO and Founder of Limechain, Nick Todorowsaid “At Limechain, we are very pleased to partner with Astra and support them in their efforts to improve the DeFi sector’s ability to comply with regulations and ensure investor protection. As one of the world’s leading Web3 developers, we’re looking forward to working with Astra to create industry-leading compliance products that will help DeFi achieve greater adoption.”

CEO of Concise Software, Luke Hostynskysaid “Working with partners like Astra Protocol helps align cutting-edge technology for the Web3 Economy with the best-in-class software development teams focused on blockchain technologies that Concise Software’s side provides decentralized technology to bring these trusted, efficient solutions into the to communities. We all believe that this collaboration will not only be a crucial project for Concise Software, but also important for accelerating the development of decentralized layers of compliance (including KYC & AML) for DeFi markets.”

Damien O’BrienCo-Founder and Executive Chairman of Astra Protocol, says: “We are thrilled to have Concise Software and Limechain on board, we have seen the success of their other projects and realized that they are a perfect fit for Astra. With our combination of expertise, a strong advisory board and technological knowledge, Astra is ready to fulfill its mission to become the compliance services platform for Web3.”

Limechain and Concise Software will help Astra continue to advance its mission to make blockchain technology accessible to businesses and individuals worldwide and safer for all, creating an unrivaled Astra technology development team.

Astra believes these partnerships will be a major force in advancing Web3 and blockchain technology and emerging from this current slump. Astra is pleased to announce that it will launch in line with its target in the third quarter of this year.

While other blockchain platforms struggle to meet current challenges, Astra was built with a secure future in mind. By bridging the gap between innovation and regulation, Astra will make the digital asset market safe and prosperous while reducing volatility.

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